Supporting PAES

“Piedmont Avenue Elementary School gives each student every opportunity they need to succeed in life. And we do this with the help of our community.”

–Mrs. Ahmad

Greatest Opportunity

Our kids deserve the best that our community can offer. That’s why our PTA works so hard to get extra programs into the school. We raise funds for Art, Music, Science, Computers and more!

See how you can contribute by volunteering, donating, sponsoring and spreading the word. See below for our areas of greatest need, ways to give, and how to volunteer.

Areas of Need

We have several school programs that can only be possible through fundraising and donations. View our list and see what we are trying to raise to keep them in our school

How to Give

Whether you’re a parent or guardian, a business or just a member of the community, you can help our school in many ways from volunteering to donations.

Sponsors Needed

We are always seeking sponsorships that can help our school fulfill our annual fundraising needs. See how your sponsorship can help and what you get in return.

Annual Earnings To Date

Here are our gross earnings to date. This does not include transaction and processing fees. The total goal will change as fundraisers are added. Click on the chart to see a list of PTA Sponsored Programs that come to our school by way of annual fundraisers.

Total Funds Raised

$45,369 / $33,001
$45,369 / $33,001

Miscellaneous Funds


Annual Give/Share

$11,520 / $12,000
$11,520 / $12,000

Halloween Carnival

$5,095 / $3,000
$5,095 / $3,000


$8,147 / $8,000
$8,147 / $8,000


$10,607 / $10,000
$10,607 / $10,000

Reasons to Support PAES

Piedmont Avenue Elementary School is located on Piedmont Avenue in the north part of Oakland. Students who attend our school come from surrounding neighborhoods within walking distance as well as from other parts of the city.

  • Approximately 76% of our students are considered low income due to their eligibility for the free and reduced lunch program.
  • Of our 330 students,
    • 67% are identified as African American
    • 12% Hispanic
    • 10% white
    • 6% Asian
    • 5% other
  • We have a high number of students migrating from African countries such as Ethiopia, Eritrea, Nigeria, Senegal, Uganda and Algeria.
  • Currently, 14% of our students qualify as English Learners. We have 11 different languages spoken by our students and their families.

We need your help to maintain our uniquely diverse student body. The number of low income families makes it challenging for our PTA to raise the amount that our students need in order to get the same benefits and opportunities that any school receives through fundraising endeavors.