Frequently Asked Questions

In what ways can I volunteer at Piedmont Avenue Elementary?

We pride ourselves at Piedmont Avenue Elementary on our very special community. Parents do a lot at the school, but at the same time we will never ask you to give more time than you can. You are encouraged to volunteer for various tasks and activities in any capacity that matches your skills, interests, and schedule. Here are some of the ways you can get involved:
• Speak with your child’s teacher about being a room parent and/or volunteering in the classroom. (More info on room parents below.)
• Sign up for one of the many PTA committees and/or social groups that look interesting to you. If that committee or group has a lead, reach out to them to see how you can get involved. You can help with an event, fundraising, the garden, and more.
• Attend a PTA meeting to learn more and ask questions.
• Reach out to a PTA Board member (or [email protected]) if you have a new idea and are willing to lead.
• Check ParentSquare for other specific volunteering requests throughout the year.

How do I volunteer On-Campus During School Hours?

Please note that registration and clearance is required to volunteer in Oakland public schools. Our volunteers need to register and be screened with our partners at Oakland Public Education Fund:
Follow these 3 steps to volunteer on campus:
1. Register as an Oakland Schools Volunteer
2. Pre-arrange your volunteer visit with your child’s teacher or sign up for a volunteer need.
3. Sign in at the office when you arrive to volunteer.

Does Piedmont Avenue Elementary have a PTA?

The Piedmont Avenue Elementary Elementary PTA is an active volunteer organization committed to supporting students and teachers by enriching the academics, promoting a safe and clean learning environment, and welcoming, respecting, and engaging all families in the school community Everyone is welcome at all PTA-sponsored activities. PTA meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Learn more about the PTA at Piedmont Avenue Elementary PTA.

How do I know what’s happening at school?

Check ParentSquare regularly. Better yet, set the notification options to send you immediate emails or texts, whatever works best for you. The information is there if you need it. For questions, the best place to get an answer about general school related happenings is ParentSquare, your child’s teacher,  or the school Instagram account.  Reach out to your teacher or principal when it’s a student-specific or confidential matter. 

Are meals provided at school?

Free snack/breakfast and lunch is served at Piedmont Avenue Elementary for any student who wants it. There is no paperwork for TK-12 students to receive free meals. The student can request a meal in the lunchroom the day they’d like it, so you’ll want to talk to your child about their options and whether they should be eating a home-packed meal or school lunch. Daily menus are provided by OUSD: 2023-2024 School Menus. More information is provided at Nutrition Services: Nutrition Services / Overview

What is your food, allergies and sharing policy?

We are working hard to teach our students to make healthy food choices.  We ask that you do not send candy, soda or hot chips for snacks or lunch.  No sharing of food due to allergies.  We are a nut, egg and chocolate free school. 

What if my family needs additional support with food or anything else?

At Piedmont Avenue Elementary we are lucky to have a school social worker. Ms. Yolonda Ollaway is available for support: [email protected]

What is your medication policy?

School personnel may not administer prescription or over the counter medication without an “Authorization For Medication” form signed by the doctor, the parent/guardian and the nurse. Forms are available in the main office. If medication is to be administered at school, it is to be brought to the office, in its original container. Students are not to have medication of any kind in their possession during school hours unless they have a Permission to Self-Carry form filled out by the doctor and parent  

What if my child needs an IEP?

If your child needs an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or other support, please contact Principal Zarina Ahmad at [email protected]. Referrals go through the Coordination of Services Team (COST). We follow a Response-to-Intervention model where we monitor interventions and progress in order to decide whether assessment for Special Education or other support  is appropriate. 

What is Piedmont Avenue Elementary’s Dress Code?

We have PE and/or recess every day, so students must wear shoes that are safe for outside play. Therefore, students should wear closed-toed shoes and may not wear flip flops, shoes that light up, heels, “heelies,” shoes with wheels, or shoes that will not stay on when running and playing. 
All clothing should be appropriate for a learning environment (no revealing clothing, no inappropriate content or language on clothing, no makeup, no high heels)

Is there a Lost & Found?

Yes, there is a Lost & Found rack by the front doors. Please check at drop-off or pick-up. All personal items should be labeled. If they are labeled it is easy for staff to return a lost item when it is found.

How much Chromebook/iPad use is there in class?

We have a one-to-one technology ratio and our students begin digital learning in Kindergarten. Our district uses iReady across all grade levels. Devices are set with controls to block inappropriate content.

Toys, fidgets, sporting equipment?

Students should not bring toys, fidgets, nail kits, jewelry-making kits, balls, make-up, technology, sporting equipment from home as these items cause a distraction and can get lost. We also encourage that special or sentimental jewelry or clothing stay at home.  

When are report cards issued and family-teacher conferences?

Elementary school students receive three report cards a year. Report cards provide parents with a periodic assessment of how students are doing in school. Information about intervention strategies and possible retention are also communicated through report cards. Family-teacher conferences are October 2-6 and March 4-8 all of these days will be minimum days. Parents/guardians are encouraged to talk to their child’s teacher about questions or concerns about a child’s progress and can request a conference at any time during the year.   

What if I have additional questions or concerns about school policies or programs?

 Clear and early communication is the key to building a successful relationship between home and school. Your student’s teacher is accessible by email or ParentSquare or a note in your student’s homework folder. Principal Ahmad is available by email, phone (during school hours), or ParentSquare. Issues that may arise involving questions about your student’s education, social interactions, or other personal issues are worthy of attention. As a community, we urge you to contact your child’s classroom teacher or Principal Ahmad. If your question is about school events or otherwise can be answered by the PTA at [email protected].