Covid 19 Protocols


  • Staff requirements
    All OUSD staff, contractors, and volunteers (including remote workers) are recommended to be fully vaccinated.


  • At-Home Testing Kits
    At-home rapid antigen testing kits are available for pick-up at every school site at the start of the school year. Weekly Pooled/Rapid Testing at school sites is not supported by CDPH this year.


  • Masks are optional on all OUSD campuses for all staff, students, and visitors, regardless of vaccination status.
  • If masks are required at any point by the Alameda County Public Health Department, all OUSD staff, students, and visitors will be expected to comply with the new masking rules.


The district has placed HEPA air purifiers in every classroom, as well as shared spaces and offices. Fans are being set up in all cafeterias to aid with indoor-outdoor air circulation, in addition to the upgraded MERV-16 filters in our built-in HVAC systems. 

Contact Tracing & Case Monitoring

  • Close Contact & Community Notifications
    Please notify your school of any positive case. Staff and families do not need to submit daily health screenings.

Submit positive case reports here to receive instructions for isolation periods and returning to campus. At this time, positive individuals should isolate for 5 days following the start of symptoms or positive test, and then return to campus on Day 6, as long as symptoms are improving and they are fever-free for at least 24 hours.