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2023-2024 School Handbook

For all our families

Get yourself familiar with all of our policies and protocols, how we communicate, and how to get involved. We update this every year. Download our document to have at your home.


Protocols around absences and tardies, what to do and who to contact.

Cell Phone & Electronics

Our cell phone policy is aligned with the policies of our neighboring schools, and teaching your child to follow these guidelines now will support them with a smooth transition to middle school.

Parent Square and Aeries

Communication Tools

Make sure you signup and download the two apps that will allow you to best communicate with the school and fill out important information about your student(s).

Covid 19 Protocols

Information about what to do if your child has a positive test. And info about free at home tests.

Bell Schedule

Drop off, Pickup & Bell Schedules

Make sure you know what time to drop off and pickup your student(s). And if you’re curious what they’re doing throughout the day, take a look at our bell schedule!

Homework Policy

Classroom teachers may provide homework on a weekly basis. Homework is used to help students learn to manage their time, practice what they have learned in class, and develop their reading skills.


Our student’s and staff’s safety concerns everything from visits to the school to emergency preparedness.

Social Emotional Learning and Behavior Expectations

An important part of growing up is learning to develop social-emotional tools to manage emotions, express needs, communicate feelings, and solve problems.