Homework Policy

Classroom teachers may provide homework on a weekly basis. Homework is used to help students learn to manage their time, practice what they have learned in class, and develop their reading skills.

Homework is an opportunity to allow students to build independence and problem-solving abilities on their own.

Homework is an opportunity for parents and caregivers to track their student’s learning and to observe where a student is struggling and where they are thriving.

Through a reasonable amount of homework, our students will take responsibility for their own learning. 

Parent/Caregiver’s Role:

  • Provide a quiet space and the needed materials for your child. 
  • Supervise students and encourage them to do the work on their own. Note what tasks are difficult for your student. 
  • Contact your child’s teacher regarding any struggles that a student has with the assigned homework. 
  • Communicate any special needs to your child’s teacher. Modeling for a child how to negotiate a deadline or clarify expectations is an essential life skill.