4th Annual Readathon!

Read and earn prizes! November 1st through November 17th

Our 4th Annual PAES PTA Read-A-Thon fundraising event is in full swing and runs from November 1st up until November 17th and will be managed through the ReadAFun website. Help raise funds for the PTA and be eligible for awesome prizes!

How to invite Sponsors

Before your child can invite sponsors, they must have you (the parent/guardian) authorize their account:

  • Have your child click on the Invite Sponsors button on their Read-A-Fun page.
  • Type in the parent’s/guardian’s email address and click Send!
  • After you authorize their account, click the Invite Sponsors button again.
  • Click on the blue buttons to invite people you know. Type in their names and email addresses. Click Send.

The invitations will be sent to you (parent/guardian) to be approved, and then sent to your new sponsors.

A couple of things to note: you and sponsors of your child will have the ability to like, comment, and encourage your young readers on their individualized ReadAFun pages. Questions on what they’re reading, customized owl avatars, and opportunities to unlock rewards for their avatars will further encourage them to read as much as they can!


We are looking for a few helpers that can get the word out, come up with prize structures, hand out information packets to classrooms. Help Carlos out by signing up: Volunteer!

How to Participate

Your teacher will provide your child with a packet of instructions for signing into their private online account, how to use the website and log their reading minutes. You should receive this packet with your login within the next few days.

Your child will be asked to read books to earn pledges based on how much they read. Everything is tracked online, which makes inviting sponsors and logging reading much easier!

Here are two videos that explain how to participate:

Authorize Child's Account

Invite Sponsors

Your child will receive a private online account at https://app.readafun.com/ where they will log reading. Parent and student instructions on how to use the website will be sent home. Your child will not be able to invite any sponsors without your authorization. Follow this link to view instructions on how to use your parent account: https://app.readafun.com/guides/parent?d=497.

If you have any questions or you need help getting your account setup, you can email Carlos at [email protected].