Full Option Science System

PAES uses the OUSD adopted Full Option Science System (FOSS) which was developed at The Lawrence Hall of Science. This phenomena based and STEM curriculum was designed to provide every child with the opportunity to develop their ability to think scientifically. FOSS promotes language arts and literacy skills through academic discussions, reading the Science Resource textbooks, notebooking, building vocabulary and strengthening both speaking and listening skills.  

FOSS was designed to provide students opportunities to engage in active investigations as well as multisensory learning. Because students learn science best by doing science, students need to have hands-on experiences with materials – objects, equipment, live organisms, etc. This approach is proven effective for all learners, regardless of prior knowledge, language, or background.  

The FOSS curriculum consists of three modules (Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science.) and the science materials are rotated each trimester. based on learning progressions that guide nine years of a student’s academic career. FOSS Next Generation encompasses the three dimensional learning approach; Science and Engineering Practices – what we do, Crosscutting Concepts – how we are thinking,  and the Disciplinary Core Ideas – what we know/the concepts at each grade level.  Throughout each module students are provided with opportunities to engage in the outdoors strengthening environmental awareness, understanding of the natural world and encouraging students to be problem solvers in their communities.